The Broadway Collection Takes Fashion Week

It’s September and the whole world is talking about fashion, along with Broadway! Come behind the scenes with @The Broadway Collection, @Kinky Boots, @Something Rotten,  @Telecharge@MrScottEddy (#6 Travel Influencer on Klout) @nickede (UK Judge of Project Runnway) @Tallia_Storm (UK Popstar) and more this Friday, September 18 at 2pm EST, 7pm London.

Get your answers ready for our inspired chat all about your favorite NYC street styles, shopping, Broadway costumes and characters, fabrics, stylish hotels, NYC inspiration, the pulsing heart of fashion in the boroughs and more.

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*Special thanks to Broadway actors:  @browniejdnyc @marishawallace @Haviebird @paulcanaan @annaeilinsfeld @iamMJScott for participating in #BwayChats *

2:00pm Q1. Role Call – from where in the world RU tweeting? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @nickede @MrScottEddy @telecharge @Tallia_Storm

2:05 pm Q2 What abt NYC inspires Bway costume designers? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @MrScottEddy @nickede @Tallia_Storm @telecharge

2:10pm Q3 Advice 4 travelers on perf. attire 2 day explore b4 a show? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @Tallia_Storm @telecharge @nickede

2:15pm Q4 Where do actors shop 4 NYC street style looks? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @telecharge @nickede @MrScottEddy @Tallia_Storm

2:15pm Q4 Contn’d- Let’s ask the stars abt NYC shopping! #BwayChats @browniejdnyc @marishawallace @Haviebird @paulcanaan @annaeilinsfeld @iamMJScott

2:20pmQ5. Fav brand/designer of Bway stars 4 red carpet? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @telecharge @MrScottEddy @Tallia_Storm @nickede

2:20pm  Q5. Contn’d – Over 2 you all; red carpet looks? @browniejdnyc @marishawallace @Haviebird @paulcanaan @annaeilinsfeld @iamMJScott #BwayChats

2:25pm Q6 What Bway/NYC styles could U rock in London’s West End? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @MrScottEddy @Tallia_Storm @nickede

2:30pm Q7. Name NYC hotels perf 4 fashionable travelers? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @MrScottEddy @telecharge @nickede @Tallia_Storm

2:35pm Q8 Aside from Bway, where is the heart of NYC fashion? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @telecharge @nickede @Tallia_Storm @MrScottEddy

2:40pm Q9. Best places 2 C NYC street style during the day/B4 a show? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @nickede @telecharge @Tallia_Storm

2:45pm Q10 Fav costumes/most stylish characters on Bway? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @nickede @telecharge @Tallia_Storm @MrScottEddy

2:50pm Q11 Magic costume tricks travlrs can use everyday?#BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @nickede @telecharge @Tallia_Storm @MrScottEddy

2:50 …Q11 Advice 4 travlrs on quick changes&upkeep? @browniejdnyc @marishawallace @Haviebird @paulcanaan @annaeilinsfeld @iamMJScott #BwayChats

2:55pm Q12. How 2 purchase tix 2 @BwayCollection shows? #BwayChats @KinkyBootsBway @RottenBroadway @nickede @telecharge @MrScottEddy @Tallia_Storm

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