#BwayChats Diversity – When, Where, How to Participate

How does it work?

  1. Log in to Twitter before the chat starts Tuesday, Dec 8 and be sure to follow @BwayCollection and @Telecharge
  2. Head over to twitter.com. Enter the hashtag #BwayChats into the search bar and select the “All” search option to follow the chat in real time.
  3. Remember to always add the hashtag #BwayChats to your tweets.
  4. We have a lineup of questions the panel will  share, please feel free to post your own responses as well, we’ll be live.
  5. All tweets may be used in any and all media including editorial.

7:30am Q1. What makes Broadway appealing to travelers from all over the world? #BwayChats

7:35 am Q2. What culturally diverse show on Broadway do you want to see r.n.? #BwayChats

7:40am Q3. What restaurants in NYC give travelers a taste of another country or culture? #BwayChats

7:45am Q4. What actor on Broadway best represents your culture or has given your

country a voice? #BwayChats

7:50am Q5. What areas in NYC can you choose to stay, to experience other cultures? #BwayChats

7:55am Q6. What is your fav cast recording from a current show, that stands out from usual showtunes?  #BwayChats

8:00am Q7. To bring home a memory, where can travelers shop for culturally specific

gifts in NYC? #BwayChats

8:05am Q8. Have you seen any Broadway shows while they toured in your own country? #BwayChats

8:10am Q9. What actor from your country would you like to see cast in a Bway show? #BwayChats

8:15am Q10. In 3 words, how can Broadway continue to represent new cultures, to

interest you in traveling here? #BwayChats

8:20am Q11. How can you buy tickets to a Broadway Collection show? #BwayChats

Keep Sharing your thoughts throughout the day with #BwayChats for the chance to win two tickets to Allegiance! Thanks for joining  Diversity#BwayChats and thank you in advance to all of our amazing panelists!

Tune in at 3:00pm EST for part two of Bway chats with Gloria Estefan and more special panelists.

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