Musicals for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and no one wants to be left scrambling last minute for a gift. So why not give the gift of Broadway this year? We’ve rounded up some of this season’s hottest Broadway musicals that would make the perfect gift for all the moms in your life.

What It’s About: A brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and family.

Why Mom Should See It: If she’s a fan of the 1997 animated film or the 1956 movie starring Ingrid Bergman, she’ll enjoy this new musical adaptation.

What It’s About: Set in the smoke-filled, swing-fueled night clubs of 1945, Bandstand brings the against-all-odds story of singer/songwriter Donny Novitski and his band of mismatched fellow WWII veterans to the stage. Bandstand is a truly American story of love, loss, triumph and the everyday men and women whose personal bravery defined a nation.

Why Mom Should See It: With an explosive original score and choreography inspired by the high energy swing rhythms of the era, what more could you ask for.

What It’s About: Based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, the show is set amongst a larger-than-life junkyard playground and is alive with feline characters, who’ve come out to play on one special night of the year—the night of the “Jellicle Ball.” One by one they tell their stories for the amusement their wise and benevolent leader, who must choose one to ascend to “The Heaviside Layer” and be reborn into a whole new life.

Why Mom Should See It: It’s an oldie but goodie. Ever since its first performance in May 1981, Cats has been enthralling moms around the world—and everyone else too.

Come From Away
What It’s About: Come From Away takes you into the heart of the remarkable true story of 7,000 stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland that put their lives on hold and opened their homes to this world of strangers. Cultures clashed and nerves ran high, but uneasiness turned into trust, music soared into the night, and gratitude grew into enduring friendships.

Why Mom Should See It: Come From Away has been hailed as an uplifting celebration of the human spirit. Don’t be surprised if she grabs her friends and goes to see it again.

Dear Evan Hansen
What It’s About: A letter that was never meant to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life he never dreamed he could have. Evan Hansen is about to get the one thing he’s always wanted: a chance to finally fit in. Both deeply personal and profoundly contemporary, Dear Evan Hansen is a new American musical about life and the way we live it.

Why Mom Should See It: The portrayal of a single working mother and her relationship with her young teen son in this acclaimed new musical serve as an excellent jumping off point for conversations between mothers and their children.

The Great Comet
What It’s About: The Great Comet stars multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban in his Broadway debut. Inspired by a 70-page slice of War and Peace, this “vibrant, thrillingly imagined musical” (NY Times) is “stunning and blazingly original” (Entertainment Weekly) and brings us just inches from Tolstoy’s brash young lovers as they light up Moscow in a “heaven-sent fireball” (NY Times) of romance and passion.

Why Mom Should See It: The Great Comet is a lavish and incredibly fun night of theatre that moms everywhere deserve to be treated to (and it just received 12 Tony Nominations, so she’ll have bragging rights to boot!)

Don’t stress if you can’t get tickets for the actual date of Mother’s Day, you can still give her the tickets for a show at a later date. Trust us; she’ll love it. Visit any of the show pages to see date availability. While these are perfect for mom, the whole family can enjoy any one of these musicals as well.