I’ve seen a musical a month since September; here’s what it’s like to visit Broadway now

In the days prior to the pandemic, I was a casual Broadway theatergoer, usually buying tickets to one musical a year; a few more “serious” downtown options filled out my social card.

However, after sitting at home for more than a year, I found I really missed the company of live theater — the orchestra, the costumes, the intricate sets. Most importantly, though, I missed the audience of other like-minded people along for the same 360-degree sensory ride that comes from attending a musical on the Great White Way.

So, when Broadway reopened in the fall, I made my way to the front of the line to see a show. After that first show, “Come From Away,” with its COVID-19 safety protocols and emotional embrace, I simply had to book tickets for another show. And then another. And another. When the Tony Award nominations were announced (the award show will be held on June 12), I realized had seen almost every nominee. I had attended a musical every month since September. [READ MORE]