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Video: Taking SIX Lyric by Lyric

Do you love the SIX: LIVE ON OPENING NIGHT album? Check out Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss breaking down your favorite lyrics to give you an inside look into their song writing process. Make sure to…


I’ve seen a musical a month since September; here’s what it’s like to visit Broadway now

In the days prior to the pandemic, I was a casual Broadway theatergoer, usually buying tickets to one musical a year; a few more “serious” downtown options filled out my social card.…


Live Album From SIX’s Broadway Opening Night to be Released

It’s finally coming. SIX will be dropping a long-awaited original Broadway cast recording, but with a twist. Listeners will hear the queens as they sang live on the Broadway show’s…


Five New Broadway Shows to See in New York City

New York City’s famed Broadway Collection isn’t slowing down for 2020, with five new productions set to open throughout the year. From a musical based on cult comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, to an…