#BwayChats Romantic Travel to Broadway

@BwayCollection & @Telecharge are set to co-host another exciting conversation in our #BwayChats series this Friday, 2/12/16, at 2pm EST.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, the topic will be Romantic Travel to Broadway.

Panelists will be: Travel + Leisure – the #1 Travel Outlet and Klout’s #1 Travel Social media influencer, plus Paramour, Cirque du Soleil’s upcoming landmark first Broadway production and An American In Paris, 2015’s most Tony-Awarded musical.

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Romantic Travel to Broadway

2:00pm  Q1. Roll Call – From where in the 🌎 are you tweeting? Send pics! #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:05pm Q2. What makes #Bway & #NYC a great destination this #ValentinesDay? #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:10pm Q3. If u visited #Bway 4 a date w/ your significant other, share pics! #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:15pm Q4.  💑 △s R a universal story: RT 4 💜 △ in Pari, comment 4 glam Hwood 💑△ #BwayChats  @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:20pm Q5. Musicals R full of romance; what musical scene is ur dream date IRL? #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:25pm Q6. What #NYC restaurant pairs perfectly w/ a Bway sho 4 date night-why? #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:30pm Q7. What #nychotels R romantic 4 couples 👀ing a show ovr #Valentines? #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:35pm Q8. Bway reps the 🌎’s best singing dancing acting & acrobatics! Ur fav? #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:40pm Q9 Share ur dream romantic destination. RT 4 #NYC, 💜 & comment 4 #Paris #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

2:45pm Q10. Indigo plays a 🎥🌟 in @ParamourBway. Lise from @AmericaninParis dances; whose 📖 do u identify w/? #BwayChats @Telecharge @TravelLeisure

2:50pm Q11.  @AmericaninParis  ⭐️’s 💚throbs @RobbieFarchild @BranUran & @MaxizPad  who would u travel 2 c? #BwayChats @Telecharge @TravelLeisure @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure #BwayChats

2:50pm Q11 Cont’d. @ParamourBway ⭐️s 💚throb @ryan_vona. U R Indigo, who steals ur 💜? @Telecharge @TravelLeisure #BwayChats (see pic)

2:55pm Q12. How can travelers buy tix 2 experience #Bway romances year round? #BwayChats @AmericaninParis @ParamourBway  @Telecharge  @TravelLeisure

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