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About the Broadway Collection

Your Gateway to New York City’s Vibrant Theatre Scene

Our list of the newest and hottest shows in NYC includes hit Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet, and more.

Our simple site provides all the information you need to learn about shows and make an informed choice. Whether you're a first-time visitor to NYC or a seasoned local, we have a show for every taste and budget. And since we’re not ticket sellers, our goal is simply to guide you to the official ticketing sites. Whether you’re looking for a pair of tickets or a group of 20, we link you to the most secure, direct path to purchasing your seats—with no markups or hidden fees.

No visit to NYC is complete without seeing a Broadway show. Start planning your next theatre trip today!

About Broadway Inbound

Our Sister Company and Your Trusted Partner in Broadway Group Ticketing

Broadway Inbound is the official ticketing hub for group buyers, tour operators, and the professional travel industry.

For group buyers, our site makes it easy to find a show and book a group, and flexible policies mean you don’t pay until you confirm your group. Our expert team of specialists simplify your Broadway trip planning with exceptional support and advice, especially for educators coordinating student trips.

For travel professionals, our BI Pro booking system is your comprehensive resource to facilitate ticket availability and show promotions for your clients.

Our dedicated team is skilled in tailoring the Broadway experience to your needs, ensuring you find the perfect show at an unbeatable price. Let us help you plan an unforgettable Broadway journey.

Visit to learn more.

The Shubert Organization

Our Parent Company and a Leader in the American Theatre

The Shubert Organization is America’s oldest professional theatre company and the largest theatre owner on Broadway. Since the dawn of the 20th century, Shubert has operated hundreds of theatres and produced hundreds of plays and musicals.

Shubert currently owns and operates 17 Broadway, six Off-Broadway venues, and the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia. Under the leadership of Robert E. Wankel, Chairman and CEO, The Shubert Organization continues to be a leader in the theatre industry.

Shubert delivers innovative ticketing solutions via its Telecharge interface, ticket distribution network, and private-label technology, offering unparalleled distribution and marketing to the theatre industry and beyond. Its consumer-facing brands—Telecharge for retail ticket sales and Broadway Inbound for group buyers, tour operators, and the travel industry—sell millions of tickets each year.

The Shubert Foundation, sole shareholder of The Shubert Organization, Inc., is dedicated to sustaining and advancing live performing arts in the United States. The Foundation provides general operating support to not-for-profit theatres and dance companies. Foundation grants in 2023 totaled $37.9 million to 635 grantees. For more information, visit