2017-2018 Season of New York City Ballet Debuts Centennial Celebration

For the 2017-2018 Season, New York City Ballet (NYCB) will present contemporary, original works grounded in classic elements; the 2018 Spring Season’s highlight will be Robbins 100, a centennial celebration of collaborating artistic figures Jerome Robbins and Leonard Bernstein.

This Autumn, from September 19 to October 15, the company will stage a series of modern performances with influences drawn from both traditional and ethnic works. One of the season’s highlights is the annual Fall Fashion Gala on September 28. Guests of the Gala will enjoy blended works, such as NYCB director Peter Martins’ The Chairman Dances, a classical ballet with suggestions of traditional Chinese lyric gestures and Chinese-fashioned costumes.

The 2018 Winter Season, January 23 to March 4, will feature classical ballet performances, choreographed by NYCB’s co-founder George Balanchine, and music by international composers. Apollo, the oldest ballet created by Balanchine, includes music by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky and Divertimento No. 15 features the music of Mozart.

Finally, the 2018 Spring Season, April 24 through June 3, will center on Robbins 100, inspired by the choreography of legendary choreographer Jerome Robbins and set to a score by American composer Leonard Bernstein. The world premiere, directed by NYCB Resident Choreographer Justin Peck, will reflect Robbins’ style of choreography and Bernstein’s music, such as Fancy Free and West Side Story Suite. Robbins and Bernstein will be commemorated for their groundbreaking, past collaborations and everlasting impact on the worlds of both dance and musical composition.

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