This Month on Broadway – September 2023

The iconic red velvet curtains of Broadway are set to rise this September with an array of shows that will transport audiences to new worlds, pull at their heartstrings, and ignite their imaginations. As we bid adieu to the sun-soaked days and leisurely pace of summer, Broadway buzzes with renewed excitement, ready to welcome theater enthusiasts from around the globe. From the bright marquee lights to the exhilarating anticipation that fills the air, September on Broadway is an invitation to a world of enchantment and drama that exists beyond the everyday.

This September, Broadway will offer a diverse palette of performances that caters to every taste. From comedy musicals that leave your sides aching, to epic fantasy plays that unfurl magic and mystery, to a modern ballet that pushes the boundaries of movement and form, Broadway has it all.

A gem in this month’s Broadway line-up is the hilarious Shucked, a comedy that shines a spotlight on a corner of American culture often overlooked on the grand stage — rural America. This laugh-out-loud show, set in a bustling Cobb County cornfield, is a warm, heartfelt celebration and good-natured satire of life in the American heartland. Amid the towering skyscrapers and bustling city streets of New York, Shucked brings the character and simplicity of rural America to life, creating a refreshing contrast that audiences love. The rustic atmosphere of the show is perfectly in tune with September’s cozy end-of-summer vibes, transporting audiences to a world far removed from the concrete jungle. The clever dialogue, quirky characters, and down-home humor strike a perfect balance between comedy and commentary, making it a must-see show this September. As we transition from the carefree days of summer to the crisp beginnings of fall,Back to the Future takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. This beloved classic, now gracing the Broadway stage, is a delightful reminder of simpler times when we were easily excited by hoverboards and flux capacitors. As the bright lights of the marquee illuminate the iconic DeLorean, audiences are transported back to a time filled with adventure, youthful fun, and the promise of endless possibilities. Back to the Future also propels us forward with its innovative use of technology, creating a viewing experience that’s as thrilling as a ride in Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean. This September, strap-in, and prepare for an unforgettable journey that traverses both time and space, only on Broadway.

Back to the Future

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, Here Lies Love offers a poignant reflection on power and history. The stirring bio narrative of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos plays out amidst a colorful celebration of life and music. You will be drawn into the 1980s disco scene and won’t want to come back to the 21st century! The unique staging invites audiences to become part of the action, creating an immersive experience unlike any other on Broadway—a third of the audience has a chance to watch the story unfold from a real dancefloor surrounding the podium with the performers. Pulsating beats and infectious rhythms by Fatboy Slim extend the summer feeling just a little longer. This September, allow Here Lies Love to sweep you off your feet and dance away the autumn blues.

As autumn casts its spell over New York City, Harry Potter and the Cursed Childbrings a touch of magic to the NYC Theatre District. Filled with enchantments, mythical creatures, and the timeless battle between good and evil, the show is a perfect fit for this fantastical season. The boy who lived may be grown-up now, but the story is far from over and this new adventure continues to captivate audiences of all ages. The intricate plot with time travel and other shenanigans, complex characters, and themes of family, trust, and triumph of good over wicked are as relevant and engaging today as they were when the series first debuted. So brew yourself a cup of butterbeer and step into this wonderful show.

Wicked remains a must-watch, irrespective of the season. This show, a unique and imaginative take on the world of Oz, opens up the themes of friendship, power, love, and the lines of good and evil. These universal themes, coupled with the show’s distinctive characters, make Wicked a theatre experience that resonates with audiences year-round. Despite being a long-standing fixture on Broadway, Wicked continues to draw crowds. The show’s popularity, sustained over the years, speaks volumes about its ability to connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level. This September, let yourself be swept up in the whirlwind of Wicked on Broadway.Some Like It Hot brings a much-needed dose of warmth, humor, and jazz to the Broadway scene. This musical, a riotous comedy set in the 1930s, is a delightful way to extend the summer high just a little longer. With its high-energy performances, hilarious situational comedy, and heartwarming narrative of finally meeting your true self, Some Like It Hot is like a burst of sunshine on a cool September day, radiating warmth and joy that lingers long after the final curtain call. The witty dialogue, comedic timing, and stand-out performances by talents like Tony Award® winner J. Harrison Ghee and Adrianna Hicks make the show a worthwhile experience for a diverse scope of viewers.

Some Like it Hot Broadway Musical

Across town, the grand stage of the Metropolitan Opera prepares to showcase Verdi’s Nabucco, an opera brimming with grandeur and drama. The epic story of love, power, and religious conflict set against the backdrop of ancient Babylon perfectly complements the majesty of the season ahead. Each scene is filled with opulent costumes and breathtaking sets, making Nabucco a spectacle to behold this September. Verdi’s music, a cornerstone of the operatic repertoire, is renowned for its emotional depth and complexity. The score of Nabucco, filled with soaring arias and powerful choruses, sweeps the audience away on a rollercoaster of emotions, mirroring the highs and lows of the characters’ journeys. The cast of Nabucco features some of the most talented vocalists in the opera world, with Ukrainian spinto soprano Liudmyla Monastyrska leading the act. Known for her powerful voice and emotional expressiveness, Monastyrska brings a riveting intensity to the role, capturing the audience’s hearts from her first note to the final bow.

Ballet lovers will enjoy New York City Ballet’s Glass Pieces. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins, this ballet resonates deeply with the introspective mood of the changing season. The performance mixes the hypnotic music of Philip Glass with excerpts from the opera Akhnaten to create a unique spectacle. The choreography, a hallmark of this ballet, is a refreshing blend of electric charge and minimalism. The fluid movements and precise formations are nothing short of breathtaking.

September on Broadway also welcomes a thrilling wave of innovative performances like The Blue Man Group. This act, known for its inventive blend of music, comedy, and multimedia theatrics, offers a serene yet stimulating experience like no other. The Blue Men, with their signature blue face paint and silent personas, guide the audience through a journey of discovery and entertainment with interactive elements that invite the audience to participate in the fun. The show breaks down the fourth wall, blurring the line between performers and the audience to create a truly immersive space. From the pulsating beats of their make-shift instruments to the visually stunning finale, every moment with The Group is filled with wonder, humor, and a sense of shared humanity. Step out of your comfort zone and let The Blue Man Group take you into their world.

Make the most of this season, and create your own Broadway story. There’s nothing quite like live theater; experience it for yourself this September.